Our Philosophy Towards You, Our Client

Old Court Carpenters has successfully completed projects for many satisfied homeowners. One of the reasons for our success is that we are always aware that we are in your home. Being mindful of our impact on your routine allows us to utilize techniques and procedures to minimize our presence. These techniques vary from dust control and complex plastic walls which segregate the work area to the simple courtesy of letting you know when different phases of the project that may affect you are about to begin. In keeping with this thought process, we encourage your communication and feedback. Please feel free to approach us with ideas for improving the ways that we work in your home.

Our Philosophy Towards Your Home

The residential homes industry is going through a very exciting period. There are phenomenal new products and practices available. These changes require  continuing education on the part of everyone in the industry, and we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in these new techniques. At Old Court Carpenters, we evaluate your home as a system. Each part of the home plays a part in this system and should be altered or repaired with this in mind. We can make suggestions to improve the efficiency of your home’s system, which will in turn improve your comfort level in your home.

As a result of this approach, we may begin our relationship with a window install or even a new kitchen, but we hope to continue the relationship by being the contractors you call for all of your home maintenance needs. We like think of ourselves as being primary care for your home.

What is “the Old Court”?

The Old Court is the remains of a fourteenth century castle next to the home where I grew up in the southwest of Ireland. As I began in the carpentry trade, learning from my father, he pointed out that though the Old Court is now an antiquity and a tourist attraction, it was first and foremost a home. My father felt that the longevity of the structure owed mainly to the workmanship of the builders. By utilizing the best products and practices of the time, they had created a home that would last for over six centuries.

I decided from a young age to employ these same standards as we built or remodeled homes. When I decided to come to the US, my father gave me what I now think of as the most important professional advice of my career. He told me that though houses may look different, and construction practices may vary, remember that first and foremost, it is a home.


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Why Work With Us?

Twenty years in the residential remodeling industry in the Massachusetts area.
Available for all phases of residential remodeling and maintenance.
Get in touch with Old Court Carpenters for a free consultation about your project.
First and foremost, we understand that your house is a home.
We think of ourselves as being "primary care" for your home.
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Old Court Carpenters can guide you through all of the stages of your project, from conception to completion.
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At Old Court Carpenters, we evaluate your home as a system.
We utilize techniques and procedures to minimize our presence in your home.
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